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Johnson the Tyrant

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Now fuhrer Hancock and his sidekick Johnson want to introduce mandatory vaccination for care home workers. I'm not putting a picture of them in this post because I can't stand to look at them anymore.

The tyranny continues to get worse and will only end when these tyrants are removed from office.

Now the elderly and vulnerable have been vaccinated there is no excuse for continuing lockdown or any of the stupid rules.

Apparently less than 20 people died "with Covid" yesterday. Out of a population of 66 MILLION. That's 0.00003%, or 0.0000003. About 1600 people die every day in the UK.

Yet we are still locked down.

This is because, as many of us have already realized, this is not about a virus. It's about an agenda that ends with total government control over every citizen. It's why Johnson won't move the unlocking dates forward despite the data. It's why furlough has been extended to September. It's why the government call for evidence regarding vaccine certificates ends after only 2 weeks, on 29th March.

Vote out the LibLabCon on 6th May and send the criminals in charge a message: we will not have you to rule over us. We will not consent to your diktats. We will bring your criminal regime crashing down.

The Fall of the Churches

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ClosedThe response of the churches to the so-called "pandemic" has been nothing short of pathetic. So much so that they will meet (when "allowed", of course), spaced apart with their masks on like good little sheep.

Which side are they on? Don't they see any contradiction between Christianity and what they are doing?

In repressive countries, churches meet underground. Here they just follow the government no matter what, parroting Romans 13 in an attempt to justify their acquiescence.

If this were 1930s Germany, which side would these churches be on?

There are a lot of people who will at the end of this fiasco refuse to darken the doors of a church building again. The lockdowns have torn away the facade to reveal the cowardice within.

The Madness Continues

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The madness continues. Under 50 deaths "with Covid" yesterday, yet we are still in lockdown. Where will it all end? Hopefully with the total annihilation of the Tory party. A party of goons and psychopaths with no principles whatsoever, led by a mouse and a cabal of twit "scientists" who love bossing people around.

Raab and Blair want Vaccine Passes

People who we thought were on our side like Hitchens, Sumption and Tice now appear to have folded like a house of cards. Vaccine apps to get into anywhere? You must be joking.

The other day Farage put out a picture of himself having the vaccine and another of him standing outside with a mask on. Behaving like a good little boy, was Farage. The direction of the "Reform" party led by Tice isn't looking too good either.

More US states are now opening up and ditching the mask mandates, yet we have another "scientist" in the UK proclaiming today that masks and antisocial distancing could last for years. Well you can stick that idea where the sun don't shine, sonny, because we are not complying.

The lockdown and silly rules must be ended now. Not next month. Not next week. Now. Yet there are currently only about 60 MPs with fragile backbones questioning the government. This country has turned into a joke.

Vaccine Passes Debate

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A debate from Lockdown TV on vaccination passports. In my opinion Silkie Carlo from Big Brother Watch wins hands down.

According to Blair, it's either lockdown or vaccine passes. This could not be more wrong. Just look at Sweden for starters.

We will never get zero Covid, just like we will never get zero Carbon emissions. You're more likely to die in a car crash on the way to the restaurant than contract Covid and die as a result of visiting it.

And what civilized society could possibly think that vaccinating 100% of the population is necessary? Especially for a poxy bat cold virus with a survival rate of over 99.9% unless you're over about 70.

Our bodies are not the property of the state. We must oppose this monstrous insanity. Start by voting out LibLabCon on 6th May!

Keep Not Complying

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Chris Sky talks about the madness enveloping society. Stand up for your rights! Make your displeasure about the idea of vaccine certificates known to the government: Call for Evidence. As is to be expected from this government, there is only a 2 week window for your submissions, which ends on 29th March.

A House of Weaklings

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Sarah Everard ProtestTo all those people protesting against the police action at the Sarah Everard vigil: where were you when thousands of us protested against lockdown last year?

To all those MPs requesting an investigation into the police: nearly all of you voted through the draconian powers they have been exercising during this Covid "pandemic". So why are you now complaining, you hypocrites?

Any MP who isn't angry about lockdown shouldn't be an MP. That means nearly all of them are not fit for purpose and should be booted out at the next election. We can send them all a strong signal this year by voting against LibLabCon on 6th May.

The criminal lockdown must be ended, along with all the stupid tyrannical rules. Parents supporting children wearing masks in school should be ashamed of themselves. So should every lefty snowflake headteacher who is imposing this lunacy on their pupils. They are a disgrace to the profession.

I am very disappointed with all my fellow citizens who have complied with the silly rules from day one, rather than choosing not to. Where has the British spirit gone?

We need a radical overhaul of the entire political system in the UK. All lovers of freedom and conservatism can play their part by voting for the smaller parties that represent their views, rather than perpetuating the useless Tory-Labour regime.