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Kneel Starmer gets taught a Lesson

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Raven PubKneel Starmer got taught a lesson today by a Rod Humphris, landlord of the Raven Pub in Bath.

The lack of opposition by Starmer and the Labour Party to the wholly unnecessary and tyrannical lockdowns got Keir into a tricky situation when he tried to enter the pub while on the campaign trail for Dan Norris in the upcoming elections.

After giving Sir Kneel a lecture on the Covid stats and the necessity of a common sense approach to the (now over) epidemic he subsequently booted out the Labour leader when he attempted to enter the premises.

Mr Humphris is an everyday hero with more common sense than 99% of MPs infesting Westminster who must by now have negative scores on the IQ scale. They all deserve to be turfed out, starting with their party councillors on 6th May.

Queen ElizabethThe sight of Her Majesty sitting all alone in a mask at the funeral of her husband Prince Philip was awful and heartbreaking to behold.

The psychopaths in charge of this country who have torn apart the fabric of society with their stupid, unnecessary and inhumane rules must face a court of law and be jailed for crimes against humanity.

Nothing less will do.

For more than a year the country has been locked up, thousands of businesses destroyed, families torn apart and lives ruined. All for a virus with over a 99.9% survival rate unless you are over about 70.

The criminals in charge who have destroyed the country had plenty of chances to change direction and adopt the sensible approach of TRUSTING THE PEOPLE and going the Swedish way. Instead, they have doubled down and kept the tyranny going for over a whole year.

The Coronavirus Act 2020 must now be fully repealed, all the rules ditched and society allowed to go back to normality. There must be no more testing, no masks, no antisocial distancing and no vaccine passports.

It all has to go. And so does the current regime.

This article in Lockdown Sceptics quotes from a piece by Paul Bird summarizing the "achievements" of the government:

An Election Address by Boris Johnson

The evil that has been perpetrated by the criminals in charge couldn't have happened without the compliance of the people.

The people who wear a mask. The people who won't come into your house. The people who keep their distance from you as if you're an unclean entity. The people who complain if you break the rules. The people who refuse to contemplate the idea that the government could be totally wrong.

Yet it IS totally wrong.

These people should stop complying, grow a spine and start pushing back. Their compliance is dragging us down into a totalitarian nightmare.

Mike Graham and Neil Oliver Nail It

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Mike Graham and Neil Oliver talk about the current madness and hit the nail on the head regarding the current restrictions (just ignore them!):

Prince Philip Dies

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The Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip, died today at the grand old age of 99.

Nothing would be better now than for this government to get rid of the silly Covid rules. Then this great man can be given a humane funeral.

The cowards in charge of this country are the complete opposite of HRH. They need some common sense drummed into their thick skulls!

Top Man Kicks Out the Gestapo

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Check out this awesome video where a guy takes a stand against the Covid Police:

That's how it's done!

The Answer is Simple: Do Not Comply

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Tyrant JohnsonThe answer to getting rid of the current tyrannical regime we are living under is simple:


Take no test. Refuse to carry any vaccine passport. Wear no mask. Maintain a social, not antisocial distance from other people. Offer to shake hands as normal. Invite friends into your house.

Never vote LibLabCon ever again.

Keep making known your opposition to the Covid tyranny, whether to your MP, the government, the papers, the local council, barmy headteachers, snowflake business owners and any bedwetting Karen you come across who thinks you should be following the stupid rules.

They are all mice and are complicit in allowing the tyranny to continue. If the government told them to wear 3 masks and a motorcycle helmet they'd do it!

"The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything" - Albert Einstein.

So Johnson comes out with his latest announcement: that vaccine apps will not be required for pubs or restaurants. And the whole passport thing will be time-limited: for a year.

Pull the other one! The criminal cabal in charge have been lying from day one and these are just the latest porkies coming out of their mouths.

The app will not be required for pubs - FOR NOW.

The idea that vaccine apps will encourage people who don't need the vaccine to have the vaccine couldn't be further from the truth. It will do the exact opposite.

I and millions of others will not enter a pub or restaurant or cinema if we have to show a vaccine passport - irrespective of whether we've had a vaccine or not.

We don't believe in medical apartheid and any attempt to foist it on this country will be met (and indeed is already being met) with fierce resistance.

Open the country up now, you loons, and get rid of all the stupid rules. Covid is over.

It appears the headmaster of Pimlico Academy needs to grow a spine, and the twerps the school teaches put into remedial lessons.

Of course there's no black in the Union Jack. It comprises the colours of the English, Welsh and Scottish flags: red, white and blue.

Charlie Mullins at Pimlico Plumbers "distinguished" himself recently by calling for mandatory vaccination and for those not vaccinated to be kept off the streets. Totally bonkers.

Now kids at a school want the Union Jack banned from flying and Daniel Smith, the headmaster, has acquiesced to their request.

The world has gone mad.

The Cowards of Batley Grammar

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The teacher suspended from Batley Grammar School over the Muhammed cartoons should be immediately reinstated. And the headmaster should apologize for his suspension.

enter image description hereIf people don't like our country or don't agree with freedom of speech, they can always go live in an Islamic state. If they cannot cope with a cartoon of their so-called "prophet" then it's better they are not here.

We cannot afford this religion of "peace" to ride roughshod over our traditions and freedoms.

All those who were calling for the teacher's removal should be slapped down and told to respect our country, or get out.

Political correctness has been the death knell of this country and it's time for it to be called out for what it is: pure cowardice in the face of what is at heart a two-faced religion.

There are plenty of Muslims who don't have a problem with free speech but if they don't speak out about this then they are just as complicit as the baying mob outside Batley Grammar.

Show us you are on our side, or leave.