Kick Them Out!

Change Britain For Good

No comment required. It's time. Doesn't matter when. 14th June, 21st June, 26th June... As long as it happens, so we can end this tyranny as soon as possible.

Fight the Tyranny

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I don't accept Icke's Coronahoax stuff. However the mild epidemic is now well and truly over (it was over last summer) and we have to fight back against the madness before we lose everything. So Icke's common sense in this video is a must watch. Keep not complying!

Johnson the Tyrant

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Now fuhrer Hancock and his sidekick Johnson want to introduce mandatory vaccination for care home workers. I'm not putting a picture of them in this post because I can't stand to look at them anymore.

The tyranny continues to get worse and will only end when these tyrants are removed from office.

Now the elderly and vulnerable have been vaccinated there is no excuse for continuing lockdown or any of the stupid rules.

Apparently less than 20 people died "with Covid" yesterday. Out of a population of 66 MILLION. That's 0.00003%, or 0.0000003. About 1600 people die every day in the UK.

Yet we are still locked down.

This is because, as many of us have already realized, this is not about a virus. It's about an agenda that ends with total government control over every citizen. It's why Johnson won't move the unlocking dates forward despite the data. It's why furlough has been extended to September. It's why the government call for evidence regarding vaccine certificates ends after only 2 weeks, on 29th March.

Vote out the LibLabCon on 6th May and send the criminals in charge a message: we will not have you to rule over us. We will not consent to your diktats. We will bring your criminal regime crashing down.