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Kneel Starmer gets taught a Lesson

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Raven PubKneel Starmer got taught a lesson today by a Rod Humphris, landlord of the Raven Pub in Bath.

The lack of opposition by Starmer and the Labour Party to the wholly unnecessary and tyrannical lockdowns got Keir into a tricky situation when he tried to enter the pub while on the campaign trail for Dan Norris in the upcoming elections.

After giving Sir Kneel a lecture on the Covid stats and the necessity of a common sense approach to the (now over) epidemic he subsequently booted out the Labour leader when he attempted to enter the premises.

Mr Humphris is an everyday hero with more common sense than 99% of MPs infesting Westminster who must by now have negative scores on the IQ scale. They all deserve to be turfed out, starting with their party councillors on 6th May.