Kick Them Out!

Change Britain For Good

No comment required. It's time. Doesn't matter when. 14th June, 21st June, 26th June... As long as it happens, so we can end this tyranny as soon as possible.

Here is Peter Hitchens speaking on Unlocked about the slow death of freedom in the UK:

The March for Freedom in London on 29th May was another great event, with tens of thousands in attendance. Here is the footage from Ruptly:

Professor Dolores Cahill Speaks

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An interesting contribution from Professor Cahill that is well worth a watch:

There are probably a number of factors which led to fuhrer Johnson winning the local elections last week:

  • The education system, dumbed down massively under Tony Bliar, has produced a generation of people who can't think for themselves.
  • The mainstream media is the propaganda arm of government. None of the so-called "journalists" ask the questions that need asking. The smaller parties in elections get virtually no media attention.
  • Most of the population appears to be suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. They have fallen in love with their oppressors and have no interest in fighting for their freedoms or changing their entrenched voting habits.

This dismal situation will continue until enough people wake up and start fighting back.

Lockdowns Don't Work

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Here is a comparison of Covid-19 in Illinois compared to Sweden. The former locked down and the latter didn't:

Richard Tice and David Bull present the latest episode of Tice Talk, featuring a couple of excellent guests.

Ministers speak out against Lockdown

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A good video highlighting the failure of the churches to oppose the lockdowns:

Kneel Starmer gets taught a Lesson

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Raven PubKneel Starmer got taught a lesson today by a Rod Humphris, landlord of the Raven Pub in Bath.

The lack of opposition by Starmer and the Labour Party to the wholly unnecessary and tyrannical lockdowns got Keir into a tricky situation when he tried to enter the pub while on the campaign trail for Dan Norris in the upcoming elections.

After giving Sir Kneel a lecture on the Covid stats and the necessity of a common sense approach to the (now over) epidemic he subsequently booted out the Labour leader when he attempted to enter the premises.

Mr Humphris is an everyday hero with more common sense than 99% of MPs infesting Westminster who must by now have negative scores on the IQ scale. They all deserve to be turfed out, starting with their party councillors on 6th May.

Fox Roasts Johnson

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Laurence Fox has been talking sense about the senseless lockdowns. Here he talks to the Hoover Institution about the urgent need for restoring our freedoms and democracy. His request to Johnson can be seen from about 31:35.

The Fall of the Churches

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ClosedThe response of the churches to the so-called "pandemic" has been nothing short of pathetic. So much so that they will meet (when "allowed", of course), spaced apart with their masks on like good little sheep.

Which side are they on? Don't they see any contradiction between Christianity and what they are doing?

In repressive countries, churches meet underground. Here they just follow the government no matter what, parroting Romans 13 in an attempt to justify their acquiescence.

If this were 1930s Germany, which side would these churches be on?

There are a lot of people who will at the end of this fiasco refuse to darken the doors of a church building again. The lockdowns have torn away the facade to reveal the cowardice within.