Kick Them Out!

Change Britain For Good

Here is Peter Hitchens speaking on Unlocked about the slow death of freedom in the UK:

Professor Dolores Cahill Speaks

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An interesting contribution from Professor Cahill that is well worth a watch:

Spot the "Pandemic"

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A graph speaks a thousand words:

Get Vaccinated - or Else!

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The tyrannical steamroller continues on as planned. The desired result is for the whole of the UK population to be vaccinated, in order for the elite to bring in their vaccine apartheid app.

The "Indian variant" - of no consequence just like all the other thousands of variants - has been used to coerce the youngsters of Bolton to get the vaccine.

I don't expect to see true freedom restored on 21st June and it would be very naive of me to believe it will. Rather, an excuse will be provided to delay it indefinitely until the next excuse SAGE cooks up in order to attempt to impose another lockdown in the late autumn, which of course is when the furlough scheme is scheduled to expire.

If there is no more lockdown and our freedoms are restored by then, it will only be subject to holding a vaccine passport, without which you won't be able to attend a concert, a sporting event or even a restaurant.

The state of fear the government has created in the populace has resulted in the seemingly endless questions that have been posed to me and other skeptics: "have you had the jab yet?", "why aren't you having the vaccine?", "getting the vaccine is a good thing", etc, etc. It's all so predicable, tedious and quite frankly insulting. Whether or not someone decides to get vaccinated is nobody else's business. People are free to choose whether they want a vaccine or not, and should not be looked down upon or discriminated against in any way as a result of their choice.

Barmy Biden came out with another insane comment the other day. One Twitter user aptly compared it to a certain dictator in Germany in the 1940s:

There are probably a number of factors which led to fuhrer Johnson winning the local elections last week:

  • The education system, dumbed down massively under Tony Bliar, has produced a generation of people who can't think for themselves.
  • The mainstream media is the propaganda arm of government. None of the so-called "journalists" ask the questions that need asking. The smaller parties in elections get virtually no media attention.
  • Most of the population appears to be suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. They have fallen in love with their oppressors and have no interest in fighting for their freedoms or changing their entrenched voting habits.

This dismal situation will continue until enough people wake up and start fighting back.

Lockdowns Don't Work

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Here is a comparison of Covid-19 in Illinois compared to Sweden. The former locked down and the latter didn't:

Tucker Carlson on Vaccines

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Here's a great video from Tucker on the issue of the Covid-19 vaccines:

At least you get News in Australia

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Here is a recent clip from Sky News Australia. At least they report the news rather than ignoring it like the news channels do here in the UK.

India in Perspective

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The mainstream media has been going crazy about India recently.

India has an issue with Covid. At the moment they are experiencing a bump in cases and deaths. However, what the mainstream media won't do is put it all in perspective.

The population of India is over 1.3 billion. On average about 25,000 people die every day there. The current daily Covid-related deaths are a fraction of that figure.

Below is a graph illustrating where they are at the moment with Covid, showing deaths per million people in India compared with the UK up to 24th April 2021:

If you've got a TV licence, maybe it's time to consider ditching it.

The MSM are a Joke

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As usual the silence of the mainstream media on the anti-lockdown/vaxx passports march today was deafening.

Millions of us are exposing the media lies regarding Covid and more and more people are waking up and saying "enough is enough".

Tens of thousands (maybe more) did so today and I was glad to be among their number. The weather was brilliant and the atmosphere electric.