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COP 27: The Madness of the Elites

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The UK has been run by idiots for decades. The latest display of this idiocy was when Rishi Sunak pledged financial support for other countries experiencing problems due to "climate change".

The last thing we want to be doing now is apologizing for the industrial revolution or giving in to the eco-loons like Just Stop Oil and Extinction Rebellion. These people have the IQ of a titmouse and should be spending time in jail for blocking our highways and damaging buildings by spraying paint on them - which, surprise surprise, happens to be made using oil - the very thing they want to ban. As are a zillion and one other things these twits use every day and take for granted.

The Tories have spent the last 12 years ignoring our energy security and closing down nearly a dozen coal plants, making us more dependent on precious gas for generating electricity. This is nothing short of madness, especially given our yearly contributions to global CO2 output are less than 1%.

This chart shows our energy mix since 1920:

"Biomass" refers to the Drax power station, which burns wood chips from millions of trees cut down each year. Hardly green.

On some days, the contribution to the electricity grid from wind power is less than 10%. Turbines are next to useless if the wind isn't blowing. And they are not "green" either.

Ed Davey, the Lib Dim loon, is proud of having "single-handedly stopped fracking" in the UK. Sunak recently put the moratorium on fracking back in place after Truss reversed it. As for nuclear power, the Clegglet (Nick Clegg, another Lib Dim) was instrumental in preventing the expansion of nuclear power generation in the UK. This neglect continued under successive Tory governments.

When our energy bills increase yet more and the lights go out, maybe we may see the political revolution we need. We must wrest control from the green, woke, lock-down supporting, mass immigration fixated idiots who have been ruining our country for so long. The rot started under Thatcher, accelerated under Bliar and has not stopped since.

This great Bitchute video helps explain:

It's been Warmer Before

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When you know your history you will know that the twits at COP26 have got it all wrong, and it will cost the people a heck of a lot of money unless they revolt.

The LibLabCon must be removed at the earliest opportunity.

The Net Zero lunacy could well finish off the "Conservative" party for good. Rising electricity prices and an insane energy policy will drive voters away from the party.

The following graph from the Smithsonian shows how the Earth's average temperature is thought to have changed over its long history (well, the last 500 million years):

We are currently in a cool period.

However the politicians in this country have banned fracking and shut down most of our coal plants. In 2020 China had 184 new coal plants under construction and is helping to build hundreds of other coal-fired plants in countries including Vietnam, Turkey, Indonesia, Philippines and Egypt.

We have 3 coal plants remaining (usually offline). Over 50% of our energy comes from gas, with the rest from nuclear, hydroelectric, wind farms, solar panels and a handful of inter-connectors that supply us with energy from the Continent.

What the "Conservative" party should be doing is resuming fracking operations and building shale gas plants, along with some new coal plants and nuclear plants (in the longer term). However, the lunatics in charge vainly imagine they can increase our wind power capacity to 40 GW by 2030. On some days our energy from wind turbines is about 5% of the total on the grid, equating to a measly few GW (to see the latest status of the National Grid, click here. It is interesting to see how the various sources change during the day).

As for "Biomass", it might sound great but it's really just a word for the burning of wood chips from trees chopped down in America and shipped over the Atlantic. Not exactly "green". When it comes to burning things, let's at least start with the stuff in the ground first! Drax has made a spirited effort in an attempt to justify its use of wood pellets instead of coal (see Drax) but I for one remain unconvinced. We should be planting trees, not chopping them down.

The truth is that there is plenty of available coal and gas under our feet to provide cheap energy for decades. However the idiots in government have buried their heads in the sand while they prance about on the world stage virtue-signalling about their plans for "Net Zero".

The abolition of petrol and diesel cars (along with gas boilers) by the early 2030s is utter madness and is completely unattainable, as well as insanely expensive.

If that goon Johnson and his cronies continue as they are we will be getting the candles out and wearing three jumpers to keep warm. We will also be watching the collapse of the "Conservative" party at long last, to be consigned to the dustbin of history where it belongs.