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COP 27: The Madness of the Elites

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The UK has been run by idiots for decades. The latest display of this idiocy was when Rishi Sunak pledged financial support for other countries experiencing problems due to "climate change".

The last thing we want to be doing now is apologizing for the industrial revolution or giving in to the eco-loons like Just Stop Oil and Extinction Rebellion. These people have the IQ of a titmouse and should be spending time in jail for blocking our highways and damaging buildings by spraying paint on them - which, surprise surprise, happens to be made using oil - the very thing they want to ban. As are a zillion and one other things these twits use every day and take for granted.

The Tories have spent the last 12 years ignoring our energy security and closing down nearly a dozen coal plants, making us more dependent on precious gas for generating electricity. This is nothing short of madness, especially given our yearly contributions to global CO2 output are less than 1%.

This chart shows our energy mix since 1920:

"Biomass" refers to the Drax power station, which burns wood chips from millions of trees cut down each year. Hardly green.

On some days, the contribution to the electricity grid from wind power is less than 10%. Turbines are next to useless if the wind isn't blowing. And they are not "green" either.

Ed Davey, the Lib Dim loon, is proud of having "single-handedly stopped fracking" in the UK. Sunak recently put the moratorium on fracking back in place after Truss reversed it. As for nuclear power, the Clegglet (Nick Clegg, another Lib Dim) was instrumental in preventing the expansion of nuclear power generation in the UK. This neglect continued under successive Tory governments.

When our energy bills increase yet more and the lights go out, maybe we may see the political revolution we need. We must wrest control from the green, woke, lock-down supporting, mass immigration fixated idiots who have been ruining our country for so long. The rot started under Thatcher, accelerated under Bliar and has not stopped since.