Kick Them Out!

Change Britain For Good

After the last 14 years of ineptitude, treachery and downright criminality, the regime currently in charge deserves obliteration at the next election.

I'm hoping the "Conservative" party returns less than 100 MPs. Less than 50 would be ideal. 0 would be brilliant. What has this "Conservative" party achieved? Virtually nothing, except a botched Brexit, lock-downs, vaccine and mask mandates, mass immigration, net zero, wokery everywhere, ULEZ and a national debt of over £2 trillion.

They've done everything we didn't want.

What we wanted was a small state. Lower taxes. Freedom of choice, not ruinous lock-downs. A proper Brexit, not the sellout from traitors May and Johnson. An improvement in our energy security, not nearly a dozen coal plants shut down for no good reason. We also wanted proper border controls and a massive reduction in inward migration, both legal and illegal. We wanted common sense in schools, not this new-fangled gender madness.

The Tories have betrayed Britain and all those who voted for them in 2019.

Now there will be a price to pay.

However, once the Tories are eviscerated the question is "what next?" Labour will be worse - less than useless. Maybe after a few years more people will wake up and start voting for smaller parties that put Britain first.

There are a lot of people rooting for Reform. While I might end up voting for them, even the Reform party isn't ideal. It's not very conservative and not radical enough. It opposed the overturning of Roe v Wade (not very conservative), has a "1 in 1 out" immigration policy (not radical enough) and initially supported lock-down and vaccine mandates (not good). Even their opposition to Net Zero has some faults. For example, they won't consider using coal for energy generation. The Reform party needs to be more conservative and more radical. Then it might attract more voters. It also needs a more charismatic leader than Tice.

So there isn't much to look forward to after the next election. However the destruction of the Tory party will be the first step in improving the country for the better.

enter image description hereThe questioning of Johnson today was another display of sheer buffoonery.

It's pubs next for the vaccine pass.

The plan is continuing as expected. "Data not dates" was just another lie, as the data doesn't justify lockdown or any of the crazy measures (not that it ever did). The continual lies and excuses are just a smokescreen in order to keep the plan on track.

The Tories are like a slow moving train wreck. They are like wet rags. None of them are angry enough to want Johnson and his advisors kicked out. None of them are angry enough to want the Coronavirus Act repealed. None of them care enough about our freedoms and human rights.

It's up to us to overturn the Covid regime and put the perpetrators in the dock. We need to attend every protest we can and make our voices heard whenever we have the opportunity. And we need to vote out the LibLabCon on 6th May.