Kick Them Out!

Change Britain For Good

No comment required. It's time. Doesn't matter when. 14th June, 21st June, 26th June... As long as it happens, so we can end this tyranny as soon as possible.

This article in Lockdown Sceptics quotes from a piece by Paul Bird summarizing the "achievements" of the government:

An Election Address by Boris Johnson

The evil that has been perpetrated by the criminals in charge couldn't have happened without the compliance of the people.

The people who wear a mask. The people who won't come into your house. The people who keep their distance from you as if you're an unclean entity. The people who complain if you break the rules. The people who refuse to contemplate the idea that the government could be totally wrong.

Yet it IS totally wrong.

These people should stop complying, grow a spine and start pushing back. Their compliance is dragging us down into a totalitarian nightmare.

The Answer is Simple: Do Not Comply

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Tyrant JohnsonThe answer to getting rid of the current tyrannical regime we are living under is simple:


Take no test. Refuse to carry any vaccine passport. Wear no mask. Maintain a social, not antisocial distance from other people. Offer to shake hands as normal. Invite friends into your house.

Never vote LibLabCon ever again.

Keep making known your opposition to the Covid tyranny, whether to your MP, the government, the papers, the local council, barmy headteachers, snowflake business owners and any bedwetting Karen you come across who thinks you should be following the stupid rules.

They are all mice and are complicit in allowing the tyranny to continue. If the government told them to wear 3 masks and a motorcycle helmet they'd do it!

"The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything" - Albert Einstein.

Fight the Tyranny

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I don't accept Icke's Coronahoax stuff. However the mild epidemic is now well and truly over (it was over last summer) and we have to fight back against the madness before we lose everything. So Icke's common sense in this video is a must watch. Keep not complying!