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The Gender Recognition Reform Bill passed by the Scottish Parliament today is a pile of excrement.

The matter is simple.

Either you have XY chromosomes, in which case you're a man. Or you have XX chromosomes, which makes you a woman.

Everything else is nonsense.

If you're feeling like you want to "change gender" then you need psychological help, not surgery.

The passing of this bill brings to an end another dark day in the UK, brought to you by the twits running Scotland. However it now appears that the whole thing might be scuppered by Sunak. Let's hope so.

There Must Be NO Covid "Amnesty"

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"Let's declare a pandemic amnesty", says Emily Oster (article in The Atlantic).

Not on your nelly.

We did know at the time that Covid-19 was not a threat to the vast majority of people. The government itself said as such before imposing the first lock-down in March 2020, which then morphed into a collection of utterly stupid rules and regulations, along with further lock-downs that only ended in the Spring of 2022.

Neil Ferguson's dreadful record of making predictions was well known long before the mild Covid epidemic. Yet his forecasts were used by the government to keep people in their homes and to bully the population into going along with a set of ridiculous restrictions that the brave among us totally ignored.

Sweden kept its head, along with US states like Florida and South Dakota, with no significant difference in fatality rate compared to countries that locked down.

The damage due to the lock-downs and restrictions far exceeded that due to the virus itself, with thousands of businesses going bust, the creation of a massive NHS backlog, the damage to childrens' education and well-being, countless instances of people being kept away from loved ones or fined for breaking the stupid rules, and skyrocketing mental health problems. Not to mention the hundreds of £billions of extra debt which will have to be paid back: by us, of course, along with future generations. Then there are the deaths caused by lock-down, the vaccine injuries and deaths and the undiagnosed cancers, etc, which will plague us for years to come.

Plenty of people (including the author of this blog) opposed the lock-downs and restrictions from day one, but were ridiculed, ignored and ostracized by virtually everyone. The whole of the mainstream media opposed us, brandishing anyone who disagreed with the narrative or who didn't want the vaccine as "selfish", a "granny killer" and a "conspiracy theorist".

And now these people want to sweep it all under the rug and declare an "amnesty". "Let's forget the past and move on" they say.

No chance. You all acted like lemmings and control freaks.

Most of those who imposed all this insanity on the general population are still in office. They have not faced any justice for their actions. And most of those who went along with everything have not admitted their error.

There will be no amnesty. We will not forget.

COP 27: The Madness of the Elites

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The UK has been run by idiots for decades. The latest display of this idiocy was when Rishi Sunak pledged financial support for other countries experiencing problems due to "climate change".

The last thing we want to be doing now is apologizing for the industrial revolution or giving in to the eco-loons like Just Stop Oil and Extinction Rebellion. These people have the IQ of a titmouse and should be spending time in jail for blocking our highways and damaging buildings by spraying paint on them - which, surprise surprise, happens to be made using oil - the very thing they want to ban. As are a zillion and one other things these twits use every day and take for granted.

The Tories have spent the last 12 years ignoring our energy security and closing down nearly a dozen coal plants, making us more dependent on precious gas for generating electricity. This is nothing short of madness, especially given our yearly contributions to global CO2 output are less than 1%.

This chart shows our energy mix since 1920:

"Biomass" refers to the Drax power station, which burns wood chips from millions of trees cut down each year. Hardly green.

On some days, the contribution to the electricity grid from wind power is less than 10%. Turbines are next to useless if the wind isn't blowing. And they are not "green" either.

Ed Davey, the Lib Dim loon, is proud of having "single-handedly stopped fracking" in the UK. Sunak recently put the moratorium on fracking back in place after Truss reversed it. As for nuclear power, the Clegglet (Nick Clegg, another Lib Dim) was instrumental in preventing the expansion of nuclear power generation in the UK. This neglect continued under successive Tory governments.

When our energy bills increase yet more and the lights go out, maybe we may see the political revolution we need. We must wrest control from the green, woke, lock-down supporting, mass immigration fixated idiots who have been ruining our country for so long. The rot started under Thatcher, accelerated under Bliar and has not stopped since.

Neil Oliver is on point here as ever. The whole of Parliament needs flushing down the loo and replacing.

Lockdown: A Monstrous Policy

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This guy nails it:

Johnson: A Critique

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A succinct and accurate summary of the Johnson years, from Starkey and Gyngell:

Johnson has been an utter disaster for the "Conservative" party and the UK.

A narcissist with no real conservative beliefs, he has squandered the 80 seat majority he won in 2019 through a botched Brexit, a series of wrong and unnecessary lock-downs and a failure to get rid of net zero and develop a sensible energy policy based on using our reserves of coal and shale gas.

Instead, we are now saddled with an extra £0.5 trillion of debt and a cost of living crisis which will more likely than not consign the party to the dustbin at the next election.

Yet there are still many people who admire this charlatan and for some reason are blind to the catastrophe he has presided over. Maybe they are all on handsome salaries, or have a million or two in their pension fund.

As always, the "Conservative" party fails to understand why they are in the trouble they are, focusing on trivialities such as eating cake in Downing Street or failing to admit to supporting a bottom pincher when his unsuitability for office was clear.

The "Labour" and Liberal "Democrat" parties are equally reprehensible. They too supported the criminal lock-downs and restrictions, as well as attempting to overturn the Brexit vote.

Frankly, none of the parties are fit to be in Westminster and a total clear-out is required. Until the British people realize that and stop voting in a tribal fashion, the trajectory can only continue one way - downwards.

According to a recent study performed by the John Hopkins Institute, Covid lockdowns across the world only led to a reduction of about 0.2% in mortality.

The chickens are coming home to roost, as all us lockdown-sceptics predicted from the beginning of this farce.

Click the link below to download the report (takes a short while to load):

John Hopkins Institute: Lockdown Study

The media are all baying for Johnson's blood, despite the fact that they've been pushing for the lockdowns and restrictions during this whole charade.

As for all those MPs writing letters asking Johnson to stand down: what were they doing when the diktats were imposed upon us? Nothing at all. Just sitting on their backsides and letting it all happen.

The Labour Party is even worse. "Lock everyone down harder" was their motto.

All these people should stand down and a General Election should be called. The entire political class needs changing.

Removing Johnson won't solve a thing. Just watch and see.

Planet Lockdown: The Documentary

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Here is the new documentary on the whole Covid-19 fiasco, called "Planet Lockdown", and well worth a watch!