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A House of Weaklings

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Sarah Everard ProtestTo all those people protesting against the police action at the Sarah Everard vigil: where were you when thousands of us protested against lockdown last year?

To all those MPs requesting an investigation into the police: nearly all of you voted through the draconian powers they have been exercising during this Covid "pandemic". So why are you now complaining, you hypocrites?

Any MP who isn't angry about lockdown shouldn't be an MP. That means nearly all of them are not fit for purpose and should be booted out at the next election. We can send them all a strong signal this year by voting against LibLabCon on 6th May.

The criminal lockdown must be ended, along with all the stupid tyrannical rules. Parents supporting children wearing masks in school should be ashamed of themselves. So should every lefty snowflake headteacher who is imposing this lunacy on their pupils. They are a disgrace to the profession.

I am very disappointed with all my fellow citizens who have complied with the silly rules from day one, rather than choosing not to. Where has the British spirit gone?

We need a radical overhaul of the entire political system in the UK. All lovers of freedom and conservatism can play their part by voting for the smaller parties that represent their views, rather than perpetuating the useless Tory-Labour regime.