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The Cowards of Batley Grammar

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The teacher suspended from Batley Grammar School over the Muhammed cartoons should be immediately reinstated. And the headmaster should apologize for his suspension.

enter image description hereIf people don't like our country or don't agree with freedom of speech, they can always go live in an Islamic state. If they cannot cope with a cartoon of their so-called "prophet" then it's better they are not here.

We cannot afford this religion of "peace" to ride roughshod over our traditions and freedoms.

All those who were calling for the teacher's removal should be slapped down and told to respect our country, or get out.

Political correctness has been the death knell of this country and it's time for it to be called out for what it is: pure cowardice in the face of what is at heart a two-faced religion.

There are plenty of Muslims who don't have a problem with free speech but if they don't speak out about this then they are just as complicit as the baying mob outside Batley Grammar.

Show us you are on our side, or leave.