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At least you get News in Australia

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Here is a recent clip from Sky News Australia. At least they report the news rather than ignoring it like the news channels do here in the UK.

India in Perspective

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The mainstream media has been going crazy about India recently.

India has an issue with Covid. At the moment they are experiencing a bump in cases and deaths. However, what the mainstream media won't do is put it all in perspective.

The population of India is over 1.3 billion. On average about 25,000 people die every day there. The current daily Covid-related deaths are a fraction of that figure.

Below is a graph illustrating where they are at the moment with Covid, showing deaths per million people in India compared with the UK up to 24th April 2021:

If you've got a TV licence, maybe it's time to consider ditching it.

The MSM are a Joke

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As usual the silence of the mainstream media on the anti-lockdown/vaxx passports march today was deafening.

Millions of us are exposing the media lies regarding Covid and more and more people are waking up and saying "enough is enough".

Tens of thousands (maybe more) did so today and I was glad to be among their number. The weather was brilliant and the atmosphere electric.

Richard Tice and David Bull present the latest episode of Tice Talk, featuring a couple of excellent guests.

Ministers speak out against Lockdown

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A good video highlighting the failure of the churches to oppose the lockdowns:

Hermann Göring on Civil Liberties

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This quote from Göring during the Nuremberg trails says it all:

Kneel Starmer gets taught a Lesson

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Raven PubKneel Starmer got taught a lesson today by a Rod Humphris, landlord of the Raven Pub in Bath.

The lack of opposition by Starmer and the Labour Party to the wholly unnecessary and tyrannical lockdowns got Keir into a tricky situation when he tried to enter the pub while on the campaign trail for Dan Norris in the upcoming elections.

After giving Sir Kneel a lecture on the Covid stats and the necessity of a common sense approach to the (now over) epidemic he subsequently booted out the Labour leader when he attempted to enter the premises.

Mr Humphris is an everyday hero with more common sense than 99% of MPs infesting Westminster who must by now have negative scores on the IQ scale. They all deserve to be turfed out, starting with their party councillors on 6th May.

Queen ElizabethThe sight of Her Majesty sitting all alone in a mask at the funeral of her husband Prince Philip was awful and heartbreaking to behold.

The psychopaths in charge of this country who have torn apart the fabric of society with their stupid, unnecessary and inhumane rules must face a court of law and be jailed for crimes against humanity.

Nothing less will do.

For more than a year the country has been locked up, thousands of businesses destroyed, families torn apart and lives ruined. All for a virus with over a 99.9% survival rate unless you are over about 70.

The criminals in charge who have destroyed the country had plenty of chances to change direction and adopt the sensible approach of TRUSTING THE PEOPLE and going the Swedish way. Instead, they have doubled down and kept the tyranny going for over a whole year.

The Coronavirus Act 2020 must now be fully repealed, all the rules ditched and society allowed to go back to normality. There must be no more testing, no masks, no antisocial distancing and no vaccine passports.

It all has to go. And so does the current regime.

This article in Lockdown Sceptics quotes from a piece by Paul Bird summarizing the "achievements" of the government:

An Election Address by Boris Johnson

The evil that has been perpetrated by the criminals in charge couldn't have happened without the compliance of the people.

The people who wear a mask. The people who won't come into your house. The people who keep their distance from you as if you're an unclean entity. The people who complain if you break the rules. The people who refuse to contemplate the idea that the government could be totally wrong.

Yet it IS totally wrong.

These people should stop complying, grow a spine and start pushing back. Their compliance is dragging us down into a totalitarian nightmare.

Mike Graham and Neil Oliver Nail It

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Mike Graham and Neil Oliver talk about the current madness and hit the nail on the head regarding the current restrictions (just ignore them!):