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Johnson and the "Conservative" Party are a Disaster

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Johnson has been an utter disaster for the "Conservative" party and the UK.

A narcissist with no real conservative beliefs, he has squandered the 80 seat majority he won in 2019 through a botched Brexit, a series of wrong and unnecessary lock-downs and a failure to get rid of net zero and develop a sensible energy policy based on using our reserves of coal and shale gas.

Instead, we are now saddled with an extra £0.5 trillion of debt and a cost of living crisis which will more likely than not consign the party to the dustbin at the next election.

Yet there are still many people who admire this charlatan and for some reason are blind to the catastrophe he has presided over. Maybe they are all on handsome salaries, or have a million or two in their pension fund.

As always, the "Conservative" party fails to understand why they are in the trouble they are, focusing on trivialities such as eating cake in Downing Street or failing to admit to supporting a bottom pincher when his unsuitability for office was clear.

The "Labour" and Liberal "Democrat" parties are equally reprehensible. They too supported the criminal lock-downs and restrictions, as well as attempting to overturn the Brexit vote.

Frankly, none of the parties are fit to be in Westminster and a total clear-out is required. Until the British people realize that and stop voting in a tribal fashion, the trajectory can only continue one way - downwards.