Kick Them Out!

It's time to put the Great
back into Britain

Why do we need to Drain the Swamp?

In short, because we are being led by an incompetent government that calls itself "Conservative" but which is anything but.

The current "Conservative" party:

  • Has ruined the economy through unnecessary lockdowns and Covid restrictions.
  • Repeatedly commits the sunk cost fallacy, HS2 being a recent example.
  • Promotes and implements anti-conservative principles.
  • Refuses to engage in any meaningful debate on NHS reform, yet alone implement it.
  • Is soft on crime.
  • Is riddled with political correctness.
  • Betrays its voters, the resistance to implementing Brexit being the defining hallmark of the dreadful premiership of Theresa May.
  • Spends billions of pounds on foreign aid, most of which would be better spent here.
  • Fails to implement a proper and fair immigration policy.
  • Is obsessed with absurd green targets, advocating the "net zero" lunacy which would cost hundreds of billions of pounds and impact only about 1.1% of global carbon emissions.
  • Refuses to reform a bureaucratic, wasteful and petty civil service.

We need a total clear-out in Westminster and the emergence of new parties that properly represent the people of this country.

A true socially conservative party is needed to reverse decades of decline and restore the United Kingdom to a state the people can be proud of.

Kick Them Out! exists to:

  • Support any upcoming conservative-minded parties that are fielding candidates in elections, whether local or national.
  • Advocate the rejection of the main political parties in this country as failed entities that are no longer worthy of the public vote.
  • Counter the relentless shift towards liberalism which has permeated every aspect of our society.

This site will therefore expand and develop over time in order to help achieve these aims. Your participation in this project is much welcomed.