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Net Zero, Climate and Energy

Stop Net Zero
Net Zero Watch
Friends of Science
Climate History: Paleomar Project
Wikipedia on Climate History
66 Million Years
National Grid Live

Covid-19, Lockdowns and Vaccine Passports

Planet Lockdown: A Documentary
Together Declaration
Stop Common Pass
Back to Normal
The Freedom Network
The White Rose
Us For Them: Because Children Matter
Big Brother Watch
Facts about Covid-19
Infection Fatality Rates for Covid-19
Plandemic: The Movie
Media Bear: Mask mocking videos
Keep Britain Free
Stop New Normal
The Great Reset: Creepy agenda of the psychopaths

Alternative Media, Magazines & Business

UK Column
Unity News Network
Mark Steyn Online
Daily Sceptic
Breitbart London
From Behind Enemy Lines
The Critic
Off Guardian
The Conservative Woman
Carl Vernon
Voice of Reason
London Real
Brand New Tube
Brees Media
Awakened Pages

Political Parties

Freedom Alliance
Reform UK
Reclaim Party
Heritage Party
For Britain
English Democrats
Monster Raving Loony Party


Sir Roger Scruton: Address to the Oxford Union.
Hip Hughes on Conservatism
Conservatism on Wikipedia
10 Conservative Principles: by Russell Kirk.
Turning Point: Creating a New Generation of Conservatives.


Get Britain Out
Briefings for Britain
Comment Central
Brexit Central

Other Popular Sites

Spiked Online
Guido Fawkes
Salisbury Review
Raedwald Blog
Right Wing Institute

The "Conservative" Party

Party Website
Conservative Home