Kick Them Out!

It's time to put the Great
back into Britain


Kick Them Out! exists to spearhead a return to true conservatism and common sense in politics.

The main political parties are incapable of running the country properly. The gulf between them and the rest of us is huge and is getting wider by the day.

We now have a Labour party in office that secured the vote of just 20% of the electorate, after 14 long years of incompetence under the Tories.

The Tory Failure

The failures of the previous administration were multiple: the bungling of Brexit, the imposition of unnecessary and damaging lockdowns (including the mask and vaccine mandates), the continuance of the ruinous Net Zero agenda and the unwillingness to reduce inward migration despite all promises to the contrary. Instead of reversing the Blair project, this fake "Conservative" party built upon it. They governed like a bunch of foolish authoritarian liberals who couldn't bear to break away from the sclerotic, bureaucratic, expensive and constantly meddling EU, and were unprepared and unwilling to lead the country properly through the Covid epidemic.

The Coming Labour Failure

The current government is committed to continuing with the folly of Net Zero. They are already attempting to curry favour with the EU and dismantle Brexit. They will want all new vehicles to be electric by 2030 - an absurd, scientifically impossible and pointless policy which will achieve absolutely nothing. They think the country can be run on wind power. All this nonsense will come to a head before too long, and a poorer, less mobile and colder electorate will hopefully see sense to eject them from office in 2029.

When this government falls, we will need a party of sensible people to take over and it won't be the Tories, the "Liberal Democrats" or the "Greens".

The Reform Party

The Reform party has made a good start, putting 5 MPs into Parliament and taking over as the second party in nearly 100 constituencies. However, while their agenda is a lot more sensible than the other parties, the party itself is not particularly conservative. They supported the first lockdown and the vaccine mandates for care workers, and opposed the overturn of Roe v Wade in the US. Not exactly conservative principles. Whether they can grow into something more distinctly conservative remains to be seen but they are the best alternative on offer at the moment. They will however need to become more of a proper party by having a democratic party structure and allowing party members to have more influence and say over the direction and future of the party. We will have to wait and see whether they can achieve this or whether it will remain a "one man band" and prove itself to be little more than a "flash in the pan".